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 Asalam alikum

  السلام عليكم

My name is Mahdi Hasanat and I am a Spanish-English tour guide with 10 years of experience in desert camping and treks.  I was born and raised in the Wadi Mousa/Petra region where I continue to make my home with my wife and baby daughter.  My hobbies are camping, traveling and photography. 

This website is a brief introduction to Jordan combining my interests in tourism and photography.  I hope you find the photographs and information here useful--please feel free to download the pictures to your own computer.

If you are intending to visit Jordan and are interested in camping or trekking, or if you are in need of a general tour guide, please contact me at:  or phone me at ++ 962 3 215 7893 or {mobile}++ 962 77 427 380.

Special thanks to my cousin Ahmad B Hasanat the PC Programmer and his support to design my home page. And to my wife Amy for her support too.                                                               

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